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Dear Co-Nature Lovers,

Recently I discovered that the Chinese character for the word Crisis is represented by two sub-characters: one spells— danger and the other spell—opportinity. This simply means that in every dark circumstance like the #climatechange we are faced with, there’s always a bright side, that is, opportunity to reverse the situation and make it better.

According to Napoleon Hill— “Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.” Our failure is that we have abused Mother Nature and its diversity of life (both plants and animals). This we do (and still doing) through #overexploitation of forest resources without replacement, #deforestation and indiscriminate felling of trees for infrastructural development, causing #ClimateCrisis at the expense of a #SustainableEnvironment for the #futuregenerations.

Many of our #Indigenoustrees in the wild are already threatened, on the verge of #extinction. Perhaps, some people might not care about trees because they are Ignorant of their importance to the existence of other life forms on the planet. There’s biological association and relationship between individual trees and other species of insects, bees, birds, even to the tiny microorganisms the can’t see yet indispensable to our planet. The truth is that these Indigenous trees consistitute the foundation of all existence in our society and civilization.

Yes. Climate Change is real and danger is looming if we don’t #ClimateActionNow!

We can’t fold our hands and watch our planet crumble before our eyes.

However, we still have the #opportuniy to take #urgentclimateaction towards the restoration of our depleting forest ecosystem so as to off set the increasing rate of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

We, therefore, challenge all Nigerian youths to take quick, deliberate and collective actions towards fixing our planet without any further procrastination.

Green Regards,