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About Us

The Urban Tree Revival Initiative (UTRI) is a network of youth-led, non-governmental organizations (NGO) based in Nigeria; we really hope to spread our operations across West Africa and to the rest of the world. UTRI membership includes volunteers who are nature lovers with multidisciplinary backgrounds dedicated to the advocacy of tree planting as one of the cheapest and fastest climate solutions.

Since 2019, UTRI has implemented several projects in the areas of advocacy on climate change and sustainable tree planting, climate education, forest conservation and restoration, promoting on-the-ground local climate actions throughout Nigeria and other West African Countries. This is in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 13—Climate Action and 15—Life on Land. UTRI envisions greening Nigeria by planting 5 million trees across deforested lands and public areas by 2030. This is to offset the increasing carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Our mission is to leave behind a sustainable environment for our future generations, better than we met it.

Our Vision

To see 5 million trees planted in Nigeria within this current decade of action to offset the increasing carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

To leave behind a sustainable environment to our future generations, better than we met it

Aims and Objectives


To create awareness to people both young and old about the reality and dangers of Climate Change and how tree planting can be beneficial to our environment. We carry out sensitization in different schools and donate trees for planting.


To encourage, advocate for tree planting and large scale afforestation projects as the cheapest and fastest solution to Climate Crisis. Up to date, we have convened nationwide Climate Awareness March 3 times, our latest March was focused on the conservation of Indigenous Trees.


To establish the largest tree nursery in the country for donation and distributions of tree seedlings so as to facilitate the planting of more trees across Nigeria.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

To have planted 5 million trees in Urban areas cut across Nigeria by 2030 as a contribution to reducing and absorbing carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Advocacy and Research

We combine advocacy with extensive research work so as to proffer solutions and recommendations to some limitations that is encountered during the domestication of indigenous trees.


To embark upon massive restoration projects for degraded forest landscapes in Nigeria.